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2008 Mercedes c300 amp install

Hi, I'm having a sub and amp installed into my vehicle using the stock Mercedes head unit. My car does not have the upgraded Harman Kardon speakers, just the basic audio 20 package. After first telling me that they didn't want to do the installation because it was to complicated, they finally agreed. The BB tech is going to tap the head unit and will be using the metra hi to low LOC. As my kenwood kac-9105d amp does not have a subwoofer control knob, I purchased an RCA bass knob control to be installed between the LOC and the amp. However, after reading through countless forums... Including best buy reviews for the exact same rca knob, I was told that it probably won't work out in my vehicle?? Is there any valid reason why this would not work in my specific application, because from everything I've read... It will work and does work, including installations in my exact same vehicle. Would love to get any input from other bestbuy installers and their thoughts on any reasons why this knob couldn't be installed or wouldn't work. Thank you.
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Re: 2008 Mercedes c300 amp install

Hey Rmkblades,


Thanks for posting and taking the time to join the community!


The back and forth you described is definitely not something one would want to hear when trying to get a sub and amp installed. I will do my best to answer your question and would be happy to do so. 


The only thing I can think of as to why the knob would not work is because it is not a Kenwood knob. However, that is something that could be tested before the amp ever goes into the vehicle. In my installation bay, we have a test station set up for amps. This is not required in the bay's so they may not have one. The knob could still be tested once they have the amp installed and before the vehicle is put together. The bass knob, since it goes in between the LOC and the amp, there could be a potential for creating some issues just because that is the signal side of the map. if the knob were to plug in to the factory slot on the amp, it would greatly increase the chances of not having any distortion or sound issues. This is just my $.02 as the majority of the knobs I have installed are the brand specific ones. The RCA knob will basically just cut the signal to the amp, which could in fact have a impact on quality. 


The tech may have said it probably will not work because he/she may have never installed one before. 


Hope this helps and feel free to send me any questions you might have. 

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Re: 2008 Mercedes c300 amp install

Good Evening Rmkblades-


First thank you for providing us with your vehicle year, make, and model!  Second thank you for joining the Best Buy forums to share with us your questions and inquiries.  It’s upsetting to hear you have been told no to a vehicle that should be too complicated with the resources we have available.  Personally working on these vehicles, I can honestly say this is one of the easier cars to do a factory amp integration. 


@autotech521 has some amazing content in his reply, which is always helpful to have the expertise of an Autotech Lead installer.  I want to underscore his advice to you, and would like to expand a bit more.  A LOC will be required for every installation where we are not replacing a radio.  This device allows us to grab the signal from other locations in the vehicle, letting your subwoofers know when to hit each frequency.  A bass knob’s functionality shouldn’t be affected by this LOC, and brand would be my only concern also.


We cannot promise this RCA bass knob will work with the Kenwood amp, but know the amplifier can still be installed and tuned appropriately to allow your factory “bass” knob to act as a bass knob.  I tried my hardest to make sure we didn’t have to add bass knobs, unless the customer was dead set on mounting.  I always strived to provide aftermarket sound without sacrificing the look of the vehicle. 


If you are able to provide me the store location you were hoping to have this installed at along with nearby locations, I would be more than willing to reach out to those installers to see if they have any times available to work you in.  You can also call, or click HERE, to schedule your appointment today!


Best of luck!

JJ|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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