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2003 Ford Explorer Radio

The factory cd player in my truck is no longer working and I want to put a new one in that will hopefully work with my iPhone, but to be honest, I haven't messed with a car stereo system in over ten years. I have a factory DVD player in stalled in the back seat, but I was wondering what kind of radio I could shop for that would work with it, or is it even possible to keep my DVD player going if I pull out the factory radio

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Re: 2003 Ford Explorer Radio

you would be looking at


21.99 dash kit

21.99 harness

34.99 hardwire (factory dvd player)

59.99 Deck install (non-video)

????  CD player


139.96 Total


call your installation bay to book an appointment!!! good luck



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Re: 2003 Ford Explorer Radio

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In order to keep using the factory DVD player and the steering wheel controls that allow to swithc to the Media or Video 

you need to keep the factory radio, there are some newer Ford radios with the AUX button to input audio to the radio using the external CD changer or Satellite port 


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