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Shopping for remote starters and Keyless Entry Systems

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How an Automatic Car Starter Can Simplify Your Life

If you haven’t experienced the luxury of getting into a heated car during colder months, or a cooled car when the weather is hot, you should consider getting a remote starter. Not only is it convenient to turn on your vehicle with the click of a button, there is the added benefit of better engine health as a result of allowing your car engine to warm up a few minutes before driving. Today’s tech-savvy drivers are loving the wide variety of auto convenience devices available on the market these days, from these remote starts and keyless entry systems to touchscreen car stereos or the latest plug-in vehicle diagnostics tools.


Choosing the Best Car Remote Start

While there is no single best car remote start product, there is probably a remote start option that’s best for your specific needs. We suggest you begin your search by figuring out what you want it to do. Consider how much operating range is sufficient for your lifestyle. If your car is typically parked more than 100 feet away from your home or office, then a 100-foot range isn’t going to be sufficient. Do you want to use a key fob or your smartphone to operate the car remote start? Don’t forget the many added features that would benefit you. There are car remote start kits that include options like window defrosting, security alarms or a rearview camera. Additionally, you might consider a manual cut-off option or keyless entry.


Keyless Entry Considerations

There are a couple of reasons keyless entry may be a good add-on for your remote start. First, it provides the safety and convenience of letting you lock and unlock your vehicle at the touch of a button. And second, in many newer cars, factory keyless entry won’t function when the vehicle is running, which means once you remote start your car you’ll have to manually unlock the doors if you don’t have keyless entry.


Benefits of Having a Connected Car

Along with remote start and keyless entry, you may want to consider other connected car systems. For instance, a car GPS could help you shave time off your commute and get around in unfamiliar areas; satellite radios let you listen to nationwide, commercial-free stations covering every genre of music, sports, and more; and car video players let your passengers watch their favorite video or TV shows while on the road.


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