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Security & Remote Start Basics

by Retired: Senior Social Media Specialist on ‎07-18-2013 03:14 PM - edited on ‎08-10-2020 08:36 PM by Social Media Specialist Social Media Specialist (6,552 Views)

If you're thinking about adding a security system or the convenience of a remote starter to your vehicle, this page will help answer some of your questions.


What's the difference between a 1-way remote start and a 2-way remote start?


It's all about feedback. With a 1-way remote start, you need to be able to view your vehicle to make sure that it started after pushing the remote start button. Most vehicles will flash their lights to indicate the doors have unlocked and the vehicle has started.


However, a 2-way remote start system has a display on the remote key fob that lets you know that the car is running. So, with a 2-way system you can ensure that your car is running even if you park in a space that you can't see from your window.


Do remote start systems disable the remote keys (key fobs)?


Some manufacturer car fobs work with remote car starters and allow you to use your current key fob as your new remote start. However, with other manufacturers you will need to use the new remote start key fob to start your car and unlock the doors.


Can you install a remote start in a manual shift car?


Yes, you can get a remote start system installed in your car even if it is a manual shift (or stick shift). Products have been developed to ensure that your parking brake is activated, and that the car is in neutral before attempting a remote start. This makes remotely starting your car safe and effective.


If I buy a remote start from someone other than the dealer will it void my warranty?


Not likely. In 1975 the Federal Trade Commission passed a law that protects you. The law says that if you purchase and install accessories in your vehicle, it will not void your warranty unless the manufacturer has been able to prove that the installation and/or service will cause a malfunction to the vehicle, and the restriction is in the public interest. Installing a security device or remote start does not fall into that category and will not void your warranty.


How close to my car do I need to be for my remote start to work?


You can find remote start systems that will start your car from a distance of 500 feet, all the way up to even a mile away. If you think that 500 feet is plenty of distance to start your car, keep in mind that obstacles between you and your car can decrease the effective distance of the remote start. If you ever park in a garage, or a space with a lot of buildings and trees that get in the way, you may need a more powerful remote. So, make sure you select a system with plenty of range to make sure you're never left out in the cold.


How difficult is it to install a remote start on my own?


Installing a remote start on your car can certainly be accomplished on your own if you have the resources, time, and patience to get it done right. However, even with all the tools and resources you need, it can still be a confusing and difficult task. Most people agree that using an expert to get it done with confidence the first time is the best option available.