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Don't Be Distracted

by on ‎11-02-2017 03:36 PM (14,104 Views)

Do your part to stay safe and get the latest tech for hands-free communication, listening to music, getting directions, improving driving habits, and providing engine diagnostics.  To check out the many accessories, click HERE!


Car Safety

More and more accidents are being caused by drivers distracted by talking on their cell phone, texting friends or even trying to find the right music on their car stereo. Best Buy has products that will help you stay in contact with friends and family, find your way to your destination and listen to your favorite tunes while keeping your eyes on the road.


Safe Driving Devices

Driving to a new location can sometimes be challenging. A portable GPS unit not only displays the best roads to take to reach your destination but can communicate via voice so your eyes can stay on the road. If you enjoy listening to music while driving, many in-dash stereos now come with Android Auto- or Apple CarPlay-capability. Each is a stripped-down version of your smartphone's Android or Apple iOS operating system that appears on the in-dash screen. With Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, you can control music, navigate, and communicate by way of voice commands. If you still have your favorite tunes on an iPod you can use an iPod connector to play music through your car stereo.


Car Cameras for Enhanced Road Safety

In the past, backup cameras were mostly found on expensive cars. Now you can easily add a backup camera to any automobile and get a better view of what's behind you when backing out of a driveway or a parking spot. Dash cams are also becoming a popular addition. A dash cam mounted on your dashboard records the road in front of you and can not only help you document your trip but could play a valuable role in case you witness an accident or are involved in one.


New Car Technology

Want to get a quick summary of your car's performance? Need to monitor driving habits for you or a family member? Vehicle diagnostics devices are easy to install and work with smartphone apps to monitor your car's engine, battery, and systems. Plus, many have the capability to track driving habits such as speeding, rapid acceleration, vehicle locations and more which comes in handy for monitoring new or teen drivers.


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