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Connect An iPod Or MP3 Player In Your Car

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There are several ways that you can connect an iPod or MP3 player to your stereo


Cassette AdapterCassette Adapter


If your car has a cassette deck you can opt for a user-friendly cassette adapter to connect to your MP3 player. Simply insert the cassette adapter into the deck, and connect the cable to your MP3 player's headphone jack. Some cassette decks also include a front-panel auxiliary input, giving you two ways to connect to your iPod®, iPhone® or other MP3 player.


FM TransmitterFM Transmitter


Any vehicle with an FM stereo can use an FM transmitter to listen to MP3 music. The transmitter connects to your iPod® or MP3 player by way of a dock or headphone jack. Manually select an FM frequency on the transmitter, and then tune the car radio to the same station to hear your MP3 music.







Auxiliary InputAuxiliary Input


Auxiliary input decks are available in many newer vehicles. They're considered iPod®-ready because they come equipped with a front-panel auxiliary input that makes playing your iPod through your car stereo extremely simple. All you need is an inexpensive 3.5 mm auxiliary cable. Connect the cable to the input on your stereo and the headphone jack on your MP3 player. You may want to consider using a car mount to keep your player within reach. NOTE: An auxiliary cable will not charge your iPod or MP3 player.


iPod Adapter 

 iPod® Adapter


An iPod adapter is the newest way to allow you to easily connect your iPod or iPhone®. A connection cable is installed in the glove box for simple, out-of-sight connection — you can even leave the iPod in the glove box, since all functions are controlled from the car deck. An iPod adapter also charges your iPod while you play it in your car. 







 USB InputiPod®-Ready Decks with USB Input


A USB-input deck features an easy access, front-panel USB input for connecting and controlling your iPod directly through the car stereo. These decks also charge your device — so you won't run out of power when you take your MP3 player out of the car. USB-input connections are fast at relaying information between the iPod and the stereo, with little lag time. 




A "mechless" — mechanical less — deck is a newer breed of in-dash receiver that omits mechanical playback methods. (It does not play discs.) These decks are made for iPods and can also use other MP3 players, iPhones and USB flash drives. Easily connect, charge and control your digital-music player via USB 1-Wire inside the unit. Your iPod or MP3 player stores neatly within a tray in the receiver, eliminating loose wires and hiding your player from view.