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CB Radios and Scanners

by on ‎01-03-2019 10:57 AM - edited on ‎01-31-2022 06:47 PM by Social Media Specialist Social Media Specialist (21,125 Views)

A lost technology, or the latest and greatest for adventure seekers?!  First created in 1945 for citizens to talk on certain frequencies.  These CB radios and Scanners are widely used by the trucking community to let fellow commuters on frequency know about upcoming weather, road restrictions, and just to pass the time with conversation.


 Adventure seekers doesn't even mean you need to leave your home!  “Adventure Seekers” could be those who just wish to communicate with the community of other CB owners.  Read the comments to discover how often new CB radio owners find out their community is already chatting with so many others and working over their own frequency! 


Looking to plan a road trip?  Try one of our hand-held CB’s to let the miles pass by while getting the most up to date information. If you’re an adventure seeker who travels off the beaten path, or where most roads no longer take you, a CB can keep up to date with weather, or possibly assist locating a fellow camper! Many emergency responders, and volunteer responders communicate via CB radios, which could come in handy in the likelihood of a natural disaster taking place along your path! 


So whether you’re looking to pick up a piece of nostalgia that reached its peak in the 70’s, or just trying to communicate with the community around you, or on the road, don’t forget to pack your CB radio!  Turn your CB radio on today to find the adventure you’ve been waiting for! 

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