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ns-d7pdvd constantly reseting

Hello All,


I purchased the ns-d7pdvd dual screen dvd player from Best Buy this summer.  It was working fine at first, but now it will only play the beginnings of movies before "OPEN" appears on the screen and it resets to the very beginning.  This happens anytime we go over the smallest of bumps on the road or if the unit is lightly touched on the controls.  Any help would be appreciated on how to fix this.  It is still under warranty and an email has been sent to costumer support.  I thought I would give the community boards a try as well.  Thanks for your time!

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Re: ns-d7pdvd constantly resetting

Hello ReformedTrad,


It seems like you are experiencing hardware issues with your unit and as a result I would suggest taking it in for service. To obtain service, take the unit and receipt to the place of purchase. The NS-D7PDVD has a one year warranty from the date of purchase.