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ns-c4113 wiring diagram

ok so i have this ns-c4113 stereo i got off ebay but with out a wiring harness. so i bought a 16 pin harness that fits good, the only problem is the pins arnt the same as the wires on the harness because its a differant brand harness ive already checked the manuals but they dont say which pin is which. i mainly only want the power pin,ground,and the constant from the battery. Everything else i can just test to find out. But if you cant tell me what would happen if i just started testing pins with the positive and the ground?  theres no cchane i would burn up or ruin anything right?

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Re: ns-c4113 wiring diagram



The easiest thing for you to do might be to pop the bottom off the radio and look at the bottom of the circuit board. It should be labeled for what each pin does. This is what I did for my radio, which is the Insignia NS-C3113 model. I can give you its pin locations, but I'm not sure they'll be the same on your model. Be careful though. I think hooking it up wrong might burn out your circuit board.

When looking at the back, there are 7 columons of pins (two rows tall). Starting on the left and going top down, here is what each pin corresponds to:

1.ILL (top), mute (bottom)
3.RL+, RL-
4.FL+, FL-
5.FR-, FR+
6.RR-, RR+
7.B+, GND

ILL stands for illumination, ACC for accessory, ANT for antenia, B+ for battery positive, and GND for ground....I think.

Good luck.


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Re: ns-c4113 wiring diagram

I searched all over the internets for a solution to this problem and could not find any info anywhere regarding the Insignia NS-C41113 wiring diagram.  (Can you believe this isn't on the internet anywhere?!?)  I even started to open it up to look at the circuit board as suggested above, but that wasn't clearly done either.  


After some experimentation I did find that it matches up with the same pin outs as the Insignia NS-C5112, as shown by the wiring diagram here:


So actually it is:  When looking at the back, there are 7 columons of pins (two rows tall). Starting on the left and going top down, here is what each pin corresponds to:

1. +12V battery (top), Ground (bottom)
2. Rear Left +, Rear Left -
3. Front Left +, Front Left -
4. Front Right +, Front Right -
5. Rear Right +, Rear Right -

6. Switched+12V Ignition, not connected

7. Not connected, Not connected


Insignia Wiring Diagram

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It feels a bit better to have boarded a ship with passengers that have the same problem as me. I am going to attempt to hard-wire the NS-C3113 by single connections to the pins since I can't get a pre-made harness. I would'nt be bothering but thie stereo was recovered after a theft and the harness somehow came up missing. My wife gave me the stereio since she bought another one. I just want to keep it for sentimental reasons. But any way I will make this attempt. I am no technician or anything but I can almost understand some wiring diagrams. I have to find some receptors for the pins and I am gonna do this. Wish me luck. I will post again what my results will be.

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Re: ns-c4113 wiring diagram

I want to try connecting a receptor to the pins as indicated. I believe I can do this and then I will drop hot glue in until I form a block so disconnection and reconnection will be a cinch. Of course, I will test before I attempt to build the housing for the harness. Wish me luck. I am no technician. but I should be able to rig this one. You have been a great help. Thanks a lot!