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asking about updating process my GPS (NS-CNV43)


I'm a user of GPS (NS-CNV43) model.

I bought your GPS during an overseas business trip in 2010.

After this time, I need not renewal this device. because I came back to my country.

But I visiting again to USA. So now, I need to updating my device.

I will be appreciate give me a advice for online updating process.

And please give me a Info. updating in the international airport. if you have this service.

hopely,I wish to give it back to my personal e-mail.

So I will waiting your answer. 




It's present condition of my GPS below like this.


Model NS-CNV43

Map data version: NTGDF 2009.2 2.0 PRI USA VIR

Software version: 2.5 (build 52994.14090.68)

Connected services expiration: 11/22/2010

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Re: asking about updating process my GPS (NS-CNV43)

Hello sksdlwkd,

Welcome to Community@ Insignia™!

There is no update for that GPS.  It has been discontinued for several years now.

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