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writing reviews

Can someone please tell me how to leave a review for a really crappy camera?  this is the model number:  Model: NS-DSC10B
   but i cant find a place to give a review about it.  its the insignia 10.0 mega pixels its a piece of garbage. i have had to reaplce it twice, and i am still having the same issues of the thing not turning on at all. we put brand new batteries and it still wont turn on. best buy will not let me exchange or return as it  has been exchanged  2 already. i  am very disatisfied with this piece of garbage camera. i have contacted insignia several times only to have my emails go unswered and i have been left on hold on the phone for 45 minutes waiting for someone to answer

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Re: writing reviews

I have the same problem but mine is Model NSDSC1112 - it will not turn on - put new batteries -still won't then next day it works????

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Re: writing reviews

Hello bobbie-beverly,

Welcome to Community@ Insignia™!

Reviews would need to be entered on, but because both of these cameras have been discontinued for an extended period, the product pages on that site are no longer available. In terms of feedback you can leave that here within the forums and that information will be forwarded to the Engineers in the event a new camera model is produced in the future.

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