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ns-dpf7g lost pictures on internal memory

I recently purchased this frame for my wife for Christmas and, after loading MANY pictures into the internal memory, it was working fine, but some pictures were incorrectly rotated.  I attached the frame to my computer and proceeded to rotate many of the pictures to the proper orientation.  While doing this, I noticed that several of the pictures were corrupted, showing only part of the entire picture.  After I detached the frame from the usb connection, the frame came up to the Home screen, showing the various input options.  When I chose the internal memory, it says there are 'No Photo Files'!!!!  I re-attached the frame to the computer, and when I checked the 'drive' that is added, it shows that it is empty!  Needless to say, this was VERY frustrating after I had spent much time choosing the photos to add to the frame and then spending the time to rotate those that were incorrectly oriented.


  Does anyone know what might have happened and if this is a known problem with these frames?  Should I return the frame, get another of the same model, etc.???


Any help you can give would be appreciated.

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Re: ns-dpf7g lost pictures on internal memory

Perhaps during the PC editing process the power to the frame was interrupted which could corrupt memory if it was being accessed.  In general, it is better to copy all images from the frame to the computer and then edit them locally and copy back.  Regarding rotation, the frame does have a built-in rotate feature so no need to do this on the PC.  Also if the images came from a camera that had auto orientation feature, the frame will also display in correct orientation by reading the orientation data encoded into the image.