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ns-dpf3g3.5 picture frame

my picture frame will hold a charge until i put the memory stick in and then it says low battery. It works ok when just looking at the pictures on the frame however, it only holds 4 pictures.  the memory stick is compatable with the frame.
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Re: ns-dpf3g3.5 picture frame

Hello gypc,

Welcome to Community@Inisgnia™!

In this case, I would ask you to test with another memory stick if you have one, see if the problem persists. Also, make sure that you have a full battery charge (keep in mind that reading from a memory stick will consume more battery that doing it from the frame's internal memory). On the menu you will find the option to reset to factory defaults, select that option and let the frame charge fully. Lastly check if you get an error message if playing the pictures while the frames is plugged to the power outlet.


If the problem persists, take the device to the store so a technician can test it.

Thank you,
Insignia™ Support Team