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digital keychain NS-DKEYRD10 crash

My mother asked me to save her grandson pictures in this key chain, and while the software was loading the pictures from the folder, it crashed, and since then I get the error message:


ITenx Devise Opt. Fail! errmsg (tenx_err_write_read_)


I tried everything: running the software from the desktop will provide the same error message. I can't format the unit, I don't know what else to do. We live in Brazil, the keychain was purchased during a trip, so we can't take it back to the retailer, I would love any help you can give me. Is there a way to reinstall the whole thing?

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Re: digital keychain NS-DKEYRD10 crash

Hello fcuencas,

Welcome to Community@ Insignia™!

I've tried searching and the only thing i can find is this.  If it doesn't fix the issue, then unfortunately the keychain would need to be serviced.


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