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You get what you pay for Insignia camcorder HDDV NS-DCC5HB09

I have three major problems with this product:


1. Although the hardware is a valid webcam device Insignia has not taken the time to write the software for this function.


2.  There appears to be no way to shut off that extremely annoying start up sound which makes this device impracticable for filming in any environment where you don't want to annouce to the whole world your shooting a video such as concerts and weddings or any other type of candid photography.  Insignia should also include a big hat that says I'M SHOOTING A VIDEO just in case the people around you are deaf. 


3. Though manufacturer tech support in general is getting worse it seems as if their tech support has never seen the product and only has access to the same manual that comes with the camera. On my call with tech support I was informed there was no manager I could speak with and that there was no second level of support.  Basicly your on your own.


I don't think I will ever buy another Insignia product again.  



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Re: You get what you pay for Insignia camcorder HDDV NS-DCC5HB09

WHERE does it say this camera functions as a webcam? I have searched high and low, in and out, up and down, and through and through the manual. Not a MENTION of a possible use as a webcam.


 As for the extremely annoying start up sound, my 12 year old told me to turn on the camera BEFORE you need it, then just keep it on by simply playing with it. I admit, that is not the way I wanted to handle the problem BUT it works.


Although I have not called tech support, I have found the online tech support most helpful. The camera is not that hard to operate. Sometimes there is an absolute short between the operator and the camera. I am sorry that you had a bad experience with this product, and I am NOT associated with Insignia, but this camera has been nothing short of great for us. I do not think I would buy a 500.00 camera just so I could call tech support. You are right. You get what you pay for. Maybe I paid way more for mine than you did yours, because mine is fine. 

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Re: You get what you pay for Insignia camcorder HDDV NS-DCC5HB09

MOST digital cameras function as a webcam...the ones that don't are usually crap.

This camera is basically a fancy junk toy that you can't give to kids because of the flimsy screen. 

so I should leave the camera on all the time to avoid the stupid noise?  c'mon.

Try taking a still picture and tell me this camera is still great...blurtastic.

I don't need a 500$ camera to have features that all digital cameras should have.

my $10 1.3 mp cam at least functions as a webcam and takes similar quality stills.