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Working SD / SDHC cards for the Insignia NS-DCC5HB09 Video Camcorder

INX Japan 512MB SD Card - No Class # - a480319 - H5120899

Transcend 1GB SD Card - No Class # - MW8GF01GWBCA-MA

SanDisk 2GB Ultra II CD Class 4  - 15MB/s - No # Visible

SimpleTech 2GB SD Card - No Class # - P02GKFJTMLLZG - 880308

Mushkin 8GB SDHC Card - Class 10 - MKNSDHCC10-8GB


Testing was done  4-22-13 thru 4-30-13.

Each card working 100% Formatting the card in the unit.

Storage Capacity varied depending on Units Settings.

No dropouts of Audio or Frame Rates at all settings available in the units.

Battery Life was the same across all cards in each unit.

Video Quality was noticeably better using the SDHC card. No change for Audio.

File Transfer was a few KB faster when using the Mushkin SDHC across a USB cable in each unit.

File Transfer was the same across all cards when using the Digital Concepts CR-35S USB Card Reader. (well worth the $2)



The Insignia NS-DCC5HB09 Video Camcorder was ran thru most of it's  settings, including HD, D1, VGA, and QVGA. Light settings was all that was available. The videos were shot using Sunlight, regular Energy Saving Indoor Light, and Overhead Florescent Lighting. All 3 Distance Settings were also used.

Shots of the Sky & Clouds, Traffic going down the Highway, a walk in the Woods by the Lake, and some Flowers in a field were used.

Tho all were acceptable, the SDHC card seem to have better color, contrast, and edging. Everyhting looks a little "crisper".


Hope this helps!