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Why could not copy some file from camcorder ( NS-DCC5HB09) to PC

I'm a new user camcorder . I had some problem when I copied all movies file from camcorder to PC,some file had message "can't read because it 's corrupt file" the I must deleted this file,I could copy next file . I would like to ask some question.

     1. What happened that file ?

     2. Could I recovery that file ?

       Thank you for helping    

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Re: Why could not copy some file from camcorder ( NS-DCC5HB09) to PC

Hello rojana,

Files can become corrupted for any number of reasons.  On a camcorder, the video may not have been finalized properly making it an invalid file, or data may have been written to a bad sector on the hard drive or SD card.  While it is sometimes possible to recover data from a corrupted file, the process can cause unpredictable behavior, like crashing or freezing the program you're working with.  Oftentimes, it's best to delete the file to eliminate the risk of problems.  I hope this helps.

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