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What's the general opinion of buying cameras on Best Buy?

So I am a complete beginner living in Canada, and have been looking around online for a DSLR to begin learning on. It's a bit trickier to shop online in Canada because shipping can be pretty steep. But I've been looking around at a lot of online stores like adorama, B&H, Henry's, Future Shop and Best Buy, and it seems like Futureshop and Bestbuy seem to have the cheapest prices.

Now I know that the general opinion for most electronics is to not buy at places like Best Buy or Futureshop (eg. HDMI cables), so is that still the case for digital cameras?

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Re: What's the general opinion of buying cameras on Best Buy?

Hello, jamaykans,


Thanks for reaching out. A DSLR is quite the purchase, and I can understand wanting to ensure that you are getting the best deal on good quality items. Our forums are typically primarily intended for support of our U.S. customers and stores, but I'll be happy to share any information that I can. 


While I get there are some items that you may be able to get for less elsewhere, such as cables, When it comes to electronics like cameras, the models we sell are generally obtained directly from the manufacturer, and are the same models that you will likely find at our competitors. Personally speaking, long before I worked at Best Buy, I purchased my cameras from our stores, and have not had any issues with them. Currently, I use a Sony A6000 mirrorless camera and have had it for several years and carry it with me almost everywhere. 


You'll be able to see all of the camera options that are carried in our Best Buy Canada stores here. If you're near any of our Canadian stores, you I'd recommend to stop in to one and speak with a sales associate about the options that we carry. Also, as you had mentioned shipping can be expensive, from what I'm seeing, most orders that are over $35 from our website, will offer free standard shipping. I know you mentioned that our stores had the lower prices when you've checked, but if you do find a lower price at a competitor, we may also be able to provide a price match under our Best Buy Canada Low Price Guarantee


If you should have any other questions specific to purchases made with Best Buy Canada, you can view options on how to contact our Best Buy Canada support team here. I hope you're able to find a camera that you enjoy! 


Best Wishes,


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