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Using the AV cable provided with Insignia NS-DCC5SR09 Camcorder

Hey there,


So, I have a somewhat irrelevant question, but it involves a cable that Insignia provides.


I own the Insignia NS-DCC5SR09 camcorder, and with the package was an AV cable, with an 1/8'' inch headphone jack on one end, and two RCA cable ends on the other.

Now, I assume the yellow cable is for video, and the white is for left/mono, as it should be.


However, let's say that I wanted to play music through my laptop, using an iPod speaker that has an audio in jack for sound coming in not from the iPod. In theory I could use the AV cable provided, plug the headphone jack into my laptop, leave the yellow video cable hanging, and with the use of an adapter, plug the white end into my speakers, yes? 

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Re: Using the AV cable provided with Insignia NS-DCC5SR09 Camcorder

Hello savy73,

Welcome to Community@Inisgnia™!

Theoretically, it should work as a stereo cable since there will be 2 connections taking place one of each RCA. However, since this it not the original purpose of the cable, I cannot guarantee you it will work.

Thank you,
Insignia™ Support Team