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Sound Quality

Anyone have any ideas? I have the NS-DCC5HB09. When I record a video inside the car (i.e. like while driving along and taping scenery), it records the engine noise as a horrible staticky crackling kind of noise, almost like there is interference. Is there any filter I can do to remedy this? I know that I cannot turn off the recording of noise, but terribly annoying when I want to play back the video on my TV or on computer, or just even on the videocam itself?? It records voice great, and when the car is not on, it records voice and noise okay... is this just a limitation of the unit or do I have a defective sound card (if there is one in it)... sorry not too techy here. Has anyone else tried taping a video while inside a moving vehicle? Otherwise, I think it records great video (image) quality both for video and pictures for what we paid for it... of course everyone and their dog is coming out with less expensive pocket video cams so maybe we'll just have to wait until they get perfected more.
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Re: Sound Quality

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Since you notes only happen just when you take a ride, I´m afraid that will be something to check at the store, if you still under the warranty my recommendation its to get serviced.




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Re: Sound Quality

I have done vid's in the car and the only other sounds the cam picked up were the road noise from the tires.