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Photo frame NS-DPF8IP clock on display

The display on my Model: NS-DPF8IP Photo frame always seems to default to the large display of the time and date. Which means the photos are pretty much blocked and I have to manually adjust the display to remove it from the screen every single time it turns off and back on. I've looked thru the settings and nothing seems to set this. What am I missing? I'd like to to display the images only, not time and date anywhere on the screen.


Thanks in advance for any help!

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Re: Photo frame NS-DPF8IP clock on display

Hello cyn,


After turning the unit off and then back on, it will default to the large centered text. To change the way this is displayed, simply press the "Display" button on the remote repeatedly until the desired look is obtained. Unfortunately there is not a setting that completely removed the date and time, but you can make small and in the corner so that it is not obstructing the image.

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Re: Photo frame NS-DPF8IP clock on display

Hello Zac,


I have the NS-DPF8IP, and have the option to ot see the date and time. I have selected a set of slide show options. If I follow Zac's instructions and push "display" repeatedly. I get 6 different display, two without a clock. 

1. Big Clock

2. 2 or 3 pics without a clock

3. Picture plus big clock

4. Picture plus small clock

5. Big clock plus two small pictures

6. Single picture w/o clock.


I wonder why my results are different than yours. Maybe this will help Cyn.