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NS-DV111080F problems and complaints

It is important to understand that when I purchased this camera, I did not do it so that I could have HD. I actually planned on primarily using the 720x setting... Since I bought it, I have had constant frustration...


I'm going to start with the simple ones...


1. The mic is horrible... You have to be VERY close to the camera to be heard, then there is no bass  (VERY HIGHPITCHED, even if you heavily amplify the bass through multiple equalizers... it's not there.) In loud settings, the mic cuts in and out (can't handle thehigh volume).


2. The zoom is very slow... (RESOLVABLE THROUGH FIRMWARE??)


3. The "instant auto focus" is SLOW, often does NOT focus, and there is no manual focus option... add to that, you cannot take CLOSE shots... in fact, if you stand far off and zoom in close, it becomes blurry... Anything close (whether physically or in zoom) will not focus (RESOLVABLE THROUGH FIRMWARE??)


4. I have noticed that some things when zoomed in using only the optical become pixelated... not in a typical way, but in a mosaic pattern... Which makes me wonder how HD it actually is...


5. The video camera is ALWAYS zoomed in... this how they achieve the full HD pixels...If you zoom out all the way, and switch to camera mode, you will see it zooms out significantly... the video mode appears to be 150% of normal. (WHICH MEANS YOU HAVE TO STAND FURTHER AWAY - WHICH IN TURN MEANS YOU LOSE AUDIO). This same problem occurs when NOT using HD mode... (really it's how it achieves the widescreen which it doesn't mention on the box)  (RESOLVABLE THROUGH FIRMWARE for non-HD??)


6. The codec used for the files appears to be ffdshow which I have had nothing but problems with... I could not use Vegas 7.0 anymore... And even 10 platinum's demo only loads the video (no audio) after much codec work... Adobe Premiere can load the files but can only have maybe 50 small clips in a project at a time (which for me is a small project)... Then it crashes because the compression is too much for the memory. (and remember this is in non-HD... why do I need that heavy of compression in non-HD?) (PLEASE HELP WITH THIS ONE!!!)


7. You cannot change to close focus while recording... (RESOLVABLE THROUGH FIRMWARE??)


8. You cannot adjust the brightness levels while recording... (RESOLVABLE THROUGH FIRMWARE??)


9. The response time to the record button is low.... (RESOLVABLE THROUGH FIRMWARE??)


It's been very frustrating....


Since I've ragged on it, I will say that the picture in general is great and I love that it has a flash (although too bright) and an led light for recording. These and the 10MP camera were the main deciding factors when I purchased this camcorder.

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Re: NS-DV111080F problems and complaints

Forgot to mention....


10. I've never seen the battery meter drain...only DIE! (definitely able to be fixed by new firmware!)


11. External battery charging

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Re: NS-DV111080F problems and complaints

Hello usedearplugs,

Welcome to Community@Insignia™!

Thanks for your feedback, it's customers' comments that help us to improve existing products and the ones to come!

Currently there is a firmware update available on our website you can try, sure you will notice some improvements. Keep us posted for possible firmware updates!



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Thank you,
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Re: NS-DV111080F problems and complaints

Update the Firmware to 1.09 as the videocameras straight from the store have this already as their firmware... It would be great to get some sort of time frame as to when new Firmware will come out!