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NS-DV1080p How do you charge this camcorder?

I just bought the Insignia NS-DV1080p mini camcorder and I am trying to charge it now. I plugged it into my computer using the usb cable and the green light on the left side (Playback LED indicator) came on for a few seconds and then it switched to the blue flashing light (Record/Power LED indicator) and it has been charging for about 2 hours. I checked on it and there were 2/3 bars when I first turned it on and then it suddenly went down to 1 bar. Everytime I plug it back in it goes from the green light to the blue flashing light again and the ArcSoft software would pop up. I was just wondering if I was charging it right?
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Re: NS-DV1080p How do you charge this camcorder?

Hello STLGrimm,

Welcome to Community@Insignia™!

As far I can see you seem to be following the proper steps to get your camera charged up.

Now if the green light is not staying on it could be an issue with the unit itself because , as you can see, its a very simple procedure so there's nothing you could be doing wrong at this point.


My suggestion would be for you to try a different USB port on your computer, perhaps try it on a different computer as well, and if the problem continues I would recommend you to bring it back to the store to be tested and fixed/replaced under warranty terms .


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