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NS-DV1080P - Audio and Video out-of-synch

On my first outing with my new NS-DV1080P, I took several clips, some in HD and some not.  On the HD clips, the sound is out-of-synch with the video.  In fact, the audio is ahead of the video by 20-30 seconds.


Also, the audio fades out before the video ends on both HD and non-HD recordings. 


Why does this happen?  Is this normal?  Am I doing something wrong? 

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Re: NS-DV1080P - Audio and Video out-of-synch

Hello rickin22903 ,

Welcome to Community@Insignia™!

This issue is usually related to the codecs update.

I'd suggest you to search for a codecs pack on , any one will do . You can try keywords such as : Codes pack , or , Latest codecs pack, and then download them and install them in your computer.


If you have any further inconvenient just write me back !


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