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NS-DPF8WW-09 with line through display

Just registered to see if I could find any support on this. Purchased this photo frame for the wife last Christmas and it has been used approximately 5-6 times (usually just at holidays) for probably 3-4 hours of total use. Well, we turned it on today as we're preparing for Christmas and there is now a line that runs through the display.


Needless to say I'm pretty disappointed in this product considering the cost at $100 (@ Best Buy) and getting a whole 3-4 hours of use in less than a year. Has anyone else experienced this with their Insignia photo frame? Is there anything that can be done at all? Figures this product only has a 6 month limited warranty.

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Re: NS-DPF8WW-09 with line through display

Hello Svoboda,

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In this case, you may try to reset the device back to factory defaults, you will fin the option on the setup menu, factory settings, reset all settings. If after doing that and unplugging the device, the line still remains, you will need to take it back to the store, so a technician can assist you further on this.

Thank you,
Insignia™ Support Team