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NS-DPF8IP - Compatibility issues with 4GB SDHC Card (Class 6) from Transcend (Part number TS4GSDHC6)

I purchased three of your NS-DPF8IP Photo frames for members of my family.  I find that the frames do not reliably handle the 4GB SDHC card mentioned above.  More specifically, when I insert the card and connect to a computer via the provided USB cable that I can't write to or delete items from the card.  I just get the message on the PC: "The Disk is Write Protected."  I was successful once in writing to the card after removing and installing the card a few times but now I am unsuccesful in attempting to delete files on the card and continute to just get the message: "Card is write protected." 


The card write protect switch is NOT locked.


I have tried MORE THAN ONE CARD on MORE THAN ONE PHOTOFRAME and I get the same response. 


Again, I was able to wrote to one of the cards once, but now I cannot... so the Photo Frames software is a bit flakey when it comes to accessing these cards. Writing to them will work only once in a while.  However I have been able to read the cards fairly consistently so far.


This problem was present both before and after upgrading the firmware (to 42A10I) on each of the three units.



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Re: NS-DPF8IP - Compatibility issues with 4GB SDHC Card (Class 6) from Transcend (Part number TS4GSD

Hello vh,

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This device is fully capable of managing 4GB SD cards. If you have already tested the integrity of the card's file system, try operating the SD card with the USB cable unplugged. By doing this you should be able to access the card and manage it's content.


Let me know the results.

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