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NS-DPF8IP 8" picture quality

I bought the NS-DPF8IP today, and I am concerned about the picture quality. Whenever I try to view a picture on the screen, everything seems to have a tinge of brown. The contrast/brightness/color options do not fix this option. I have uploaded JPEGs. 


Is there anything that can be done to fix this problem? 

Is it possible to change the contrast/brightness for an individual photo, rather than all photos?




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Re: NS-DPF8IP 8" picture quality

Hello Ethan,

Welcome to Community@Insignia™!

There will be no option to change individual brightness or contrast for a photo, in that case I would advise you to use a program (such as photoshop) on your computer to edit your picture and even correct the gamma that may be causing that "brownish" effect. 


My advise will be to try with a couple of pictures, even better if they were taken with different cameras (since this may be camera related) to be sure this is not a problem on the device's screen itself. If you happen to notice this same issue on all pictures, please take the frame back to the store, along with the receipt of purchase, where they will be more than happy to assist you further on this.

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Thank you,
Insignia™ Support Team