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NS-DPF7WA-09/NS-DPF8WA-09 Digital Photo Frame

How do I work the multi-image mode?  I did it once and cannot remember now.  I see absolutely nothing regarding this in the User Guide.  Thanks for your help!  Grace  P.S.  This frame is awesome!  I would recommend this to anyone. 
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Re: NS-DPF7WA-09/NS-DPF8WA-09 Digital Photo Frame

Hello shelterbuds,

Welcome to Community@Insignia™!

According to the owner's manual, you should be able to toggle between a standard slideshow and multi-image slideshow by pressing the "Slideshow" button on the remote.  I hope this helps!

Insignia™ Support
John|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: NS-DPF7WA-09/NS-DPF8WA-09 Digital Photo Frame

Thank You John!  I just love this frame!  I change the pictures everyday.
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Re: NS-DPF7WA-09/NS-DPF8WA-09 Digital Photo Frame

Love my Frame.  So far, so good.


One question:

I have filled up the internal memory with my absolute favorites..  Can I now use a SD card to access more photos and, if so, how is this accomplished?

Is it something to do with just being able to program with the remote, or?  Haven't been able to 'select' SD card yet.


Thanx in advance for your assistance.

Great Grandma, Vancouver, Canada. 

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Re: NS-DPF7WA-09/NS-DPF8WA-09 Digital Photo Frame

Yes, you can use an SD card. You have to have the photos you want to see on the SD card already. Typically you would either pull the card from a digital camera or copy the files onto the card using a card adapter hooked up to a USB port on your computer.


Just push the SD card into the lower slot of the two slots on the side of the frame. The slideshow should start automatically. See pages 12+ in the manual.