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NS-DPF10WA-09 photo display order

How do you make pictures display in a particular order from the SD card on the NS-DPF10WA-09? 


On this photo frame, you can specify either random or non-random display and we have it set to non-random but my in-laws would like all of their trip photos to display one after another and not be mixed in with others from the SD card.


We thought it was based on the files' Date Modified date but that doesn't seem to hold up.


Is it file name, date created, something else?


I'd appreciate any insight to this.  Just trying to keep the in-laws happy.  Smiley Happy

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Re: NS-DPF10WA-09 photo display order

Hello chuck,


Welcome to Community@Insignia™!


I've consulted the Insignia™ engineering team about your question.  Here's what I found out:  the frame displays pictures in the order in which they were loaded into its memory.  To ensure that the photos play in the specific order you desire, follow these steps.

  1. Erase all images from the internal memory or the flash media card if you're using one.  Don't forget to back up your pictures first!
  2. Connect the frame to your PC and open the appropriate drive letter (e.g. "F:") in Windows Explorer.
  3. Copy the files from your computer to the internal memory in the order you wish them to display one at a time.

In some cases, you may be able to copy several files together if named sequentially as the operating system will copy files in alphanumeric order most of the time.  This method would obviously be faster.


I'm grateful for your patience while we found you a solution.  I hope it helps!


Insignia™ Support

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