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NS-DPF10A Playing stored pictures fromUSB

I have a digital picture frame and have put my picutres that i want to play on the frame on a 4G usb . My question is the usb will only hold a some of my pictures unless i put them in folders.  How do i make the digial frame play all the pictures in all the folders on the slideshow and not just one of the folders pictures?

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Re: NS-DPF10A Playing stored pictures fromUSB

Hello yecamp,

The NS-DPF10A picture frame has a very simple file browser and as such will be unable to read files from multiple folders at once. I am uncertain though why you are having to use multiple folders to store your pictures, as that should not afford you any extra space unless some of the folders are compressed. If that i not the case then I would recommend backing up all of the data from the USB drive, formating it, and then copying all of your desired photos back into a single folder.

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