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NS-DPF0812W - Cannot get out of Demo Mode

I received the NS-DPF0812W as a gift and cannot get it out of demo mode.  I followed the directions with the unit and removed the tab from the remote and turned the unit on and hit the enter key on the remote.  Unit is still in demo mode.  I replaced the battery in the remote and followed the same steps above - - still stayed in demo mode.  I searched this site and found another method - - e.g. Turn unit on, press the "menu" button on top of frame.  Nothing happened- - unit stayed in demo mode.  At this point, I'm not sure if it's the remote, the unit, or both.  Help.  Thanks.

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Re: NS-DPF0812W - Cannot get out of Demo Mode

Hello ml,


In order to exit "Demo Mode" simply turn the picture frame on, then aim the remote at the unit and press the "Play/Pause Enter" button on the remote. Please refer to page 12 of the manual for more information.

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Re: NS-DPF0812W - Cannot get out of Demo Mode


My photo frame is in the same condition. neither the control nor the buttons from the back of the frame are working, is there another way to exit the demo mode?