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Re: NS-DKEYRD10 staying on "Connecting.................."

Thanks for the info.


Sorry, after connecting the device to the USB port, all options that refer to get it work are stuck.

I can not access the "my computer" info, in order to investigate the new drive letter of the device.

I think that maybe other application conflicts with the "ImageViewer4" and it stays stuck until the device is unplugged.

Maybe the first time the device was connected, the recognition process was not good and a certain file or driver that was supposed to be installed in the computer was corrupted.




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Re: NS-DKEYRD10 staying on "Connecting.................."

I just got mine as a Christmas present and I worked and worked with it and found out it is not compatible with windows 10 so I tried it with an older version (windows 7) and was able to upload a few picture at a time. But the NS-DKEYRD10 never did charge after two days on the computer, so I was not able to load the pictures into it.