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NS- DCC5HB09 shuts down windows


My  NS- DCC5HB09 does not connect to my PC--it shuts down windows when I connect with the USB cable and turn on the camera.  I get a blue screen message saying that WINDOWS HAS BEEN SHUT DOWN in order to protect my computer.  I have re-installed the mini-dvd stuff [drivers, et al.]  Still does the same thing. 


Any Ideas?  [No Love on calling the telephone number!]


Later--I have tried it on another computer and it does recognize it there.  No bad error messages.  I downloaded the clips--but I have NO audio to go along with it!  Any help?


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Re: NS- DCC5HB09 shuts down windows

Hi mdcutler and welcome to the forum.


According to the information you added, the Camcorder worked just fine in a different computer; this means the camcorder is working just fine.


Have you tried a different USB port in your computer? (If you have a desktop computer, it's always recommended to try the ports on the back of the computer).


Should this fail, we advice you to get in contact with the Geek Squad department to troubleshoot your computer.