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NS-DCC5HB09 LCD Screen problem

I purchased the camcorder last spring.  It worked fine for 2 months.  Then the LCD display screen would come up as either grey or black, often with a larger vertical dark grey line next to a smaller vertical white line.  The camera would still record fine, I just had to shoot from the hip.  After not using it for a month...I charged it and the display worked fine again.  Fastforward 3 more months, and the screen has gone back to grey.
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Re: NS-DCC5HB09 LCD Screen problem

The colors on my screen would fade after charging. I could let it sit for 12 hours in the off position and the colors would return to normal. Someone on here suggested heat from the charging cycle might be the problem, so I opend the screen, pligged it in, manually turned off the camera and let it charge. So far it seems to have worked. The screen has been normal color since charging.
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Re: NS-DCC5HB09 LCD Screen problem



As othertrucker200 says, this could be related to overheating.

Should this not be the case, I would advice you to take the product to the place of purchase for repairs.