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NS-DCC5HB09 Corrupts Video on a regular basis.

I have used this camera maybe 6 times since I bought it 5 months ago ... on a regualr basis it corrupts video, regardless of what settings I use, what SD card I have in, etc..


I have formatted the SD Card and tested them, formatted the memory on the camera, and done everything else I think of besides kicking this thing across the room, which I would like to do.


Anyone else have this issue?

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Re: NS-DCC5HB09 Corrupts Video on a regular basis.

Hello jeff_d,

Welcome to Community@Insignia™!


Im sorry to hear you are having this inconvenient with the unit but let me give you a few hints perhaps you can get it to work right away :


Actually I'm not really sure what you mean by "it corrupts the videos" but perhaps the problem you have is that you're getting only sound with no picture when trying to play the videos on your computer ?

If that is the case, its usually related to the computer not having the necessary video Codecs to play the picture, but thats really not a problem because you can download any of the codecs pack from internet and you also can download one of our recommended movie player from the Insignia website (check the following link for that and click on the SUPPORT tab : 


Downloading and installing that movie player should fix the problem, if not I'd suggest you to being the unit back to Best Buy since you sem to have purchased this camera about 5 months a go wich would mean that it is still under the 1 year limited warranty.


I hope you find this information useful and dont forget to write us back if you still have any doubt or question !

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Re: NS-DCC5HB09 Corrupts Video on a regular basis.

By corrupts video, I mean the file becomes corrupt on the camcorder, and Windows will not Copy or Move the file to my PC. I can sometimes view (watch) the video on the camcorder, but if you attempt to fast forward or rewind, it reboots the camera.