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NC-DCC5HB09 3 month Final Report

OK, first off the batteries that I bought for the camera are working 100%, and lasting a little longer than the original 1050 batteries...

Battery Post

I have also not had the faded screen problem after I quit charging the battery inside the camera...

Faded Screen After Charging Battery In The Camera

I picked up 2 8gig SDHC cards. The Kingston would not work in the cameras, but some cheap off-brand Simple-Tech & SanDisk cards did with no problem as long as I formatted them with the camera.

I have shot hours/ gigs of footage in HD & DS, with no problems using the footage. And here is that secret..

Go & grab the Format Factory program. It is 100% free & works with XP Pro x32 & Win7 x32 / x64. Just be careful that the newest ones don't load some crap programs, just take your time and don't allow it to install them.

Next, select the "All to AVI" icon, and make sure "High quality and size" is selected. This will "re-do" the AVI file that camera puts out, keeping all the HD settings & size intact. Then you can open THIS file in most any program you want to. I have used the converted file in Windows Movie Maker XP-Win7, Serif, Magix Movie Maker 16, and Pinnacle Studio11 & 14 HD.

The Zoom on this thing sucks, period. As soon as you start to zoom, it starts to pixilat, and you don't see this in the view finder only on the output. I have found that leaving the "Focus" switch in the middle gets 95.5% of the job done with no problem for me.

The night setting is a waste of time, try to make sure that there is at least a full moon and/or some type of lighting if possible & use a normal or cloudy setting. Without it the vids are way too dark for any detail.

The tri-pod mount in the cameras are so weak both of mine "snapped" when placing them on the stands. YES, the threads & bolt size was correct....NO I did not over-tighten them. I placed a drop of super glue on the bottom of the threaded insert, then replaced the screw & let them dry for 24 hours. I then made a "cradle" for them so they entire bottom of the camera is supported. These things are top heavy and will snap off if only held in place by that one lone screw.

The stabilization works surprisingly well. Walking shots are rock solid, and when driving & using the camera there is VERY little movement (I tend to film like this going down rough back roads) The mic picks up very well, and the mp3 file is pretty clean & crisp, making it easy to edit.

The various balance & light settings work very well once I figured out HOW to use them, and the depth of editing features on the camera itself is great.

Overall I am extremely happy with these 2 NS-DCC5HB09 cameras. IF you get a working model I think you will agree that the picture quality on HD is flat out fantastic. Some of my footage was used to make a local promo for a small village nearby & placed on DVD to hand out. I seen it on 37" & 48" ? (I think that was the size!) wall mounted TV's and they looked great beside some other shots done on MUCH higher cameras (Panasonic & Sony 3 led's). The BIGGEST difference was NOT the sharpness of the images (which really surprised me!) but the color, the NS did not stand a chance in this department....I can not say it was washed out, but the clarity of the hues were super weak next to the real cameras.

So NO, I am NOT saying the these WILL stand up to the big boys, there is NO WAY! BUT the quality in HD surprised me to no end beside the "real cameras", and looked totally acceptable on the "big screen"...and I will venture to say the footage was way better than any phone camera that I have seen.

Maybe I got lucky with my 2 used purchases, but IF THE CAMERA IS WORKING 100% I would recommend grabbing one at the prices they go for. You can use aftermarket NP-60 batteries, up to 8gb cards, have a large 3" screen, a ton of settings & features, and a super nice 720HD format.

I would also like to mention that the other definitions, including the Standard one, also come out excellent, and are totally acceptable for use.

I hope this helps!

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Re: NC-DCC5HB09 3 month Final Report

OK, here is my 2 Month-shy-of-3-years-update on these camcorders....Smiley LOL

Both are still going strong, and have not gave me one problem, at all, zip, nada....and we are just flat out amazed by this. I have wore out 6 batteries between the 2, recording 100's of hours of everything from local gospel concerts to all the nature & lakes in our area.

I am now looking at the Insignia NS-DV111080F 10mp 1080p. The price has dropped to around $50 for it, and I feel that the step up in resolution is needed at this time in my "film career". I see on ebay as of today that folks are asking $40-50 for these cameras, but in reality they are just not worth that. $20-25 yes, but no where near what they are asking.

Bottom line I am still happy with these camcorders!Smiley Happy

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Re: NC-DCC5HB09 3 month Final Report

Hello JJudge,


Wow, that is amazing! We appreciate very much you taking the time to visit the forums after all this time to let us know how your camcorder is working. It is great to hear that you are happy with the performance and quality of the product. 


Thank you again for posting here on the forum, and please do not hesitate to let us know if you ever have any other questions or concerns. 






Insignia™ Support

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Re: NC-DCC5HB09 3 month Final Report

Your very Welcome Maria!! Smiley Happy

I have no problem giving credit where it is due, or criticism when something is not right. These old  NC-DCC5HB09 camcorders have exceeded all or expectations for the price.

And I would like to correct a part of my previous post. When I said.....

"I see on ebay as of today that folks are asking $40-50 for these cameras, but in reality they are just not worth that. $20-25 yes, but no where near what they are asking."

I was referring to the  Insignia NC-DCC5HB09, not the Insignia NS-DV111080F 10mp 1080p. I did jump on a 1080p from ebay for $50 with battery,charger, and cabling, and it should be here Fri....I can not wait!  Smiley Tongue

Of course I will do a "shoot out" between the two, because when I was researching the 1080p the last few months I saw a few folks say that the NC-DCC5HB09 has better color & crisper images....but they do not say if they compare them side by side, or if one was in 720p & the other in 1080p.

So I look forward to trying them out side-by-side and posting the results in a few months. Smiley Very Happy