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Maximum memory size for NS-DPF8WA-09 photo frame?



I am trying to find out what the maximum memory size limitation might be the NS-DPF8WA-09 photo frame can access for each memory technology it can use.


Some examples:


-- Can this frame access 4GB Secure Digital card? (I have only use a 2GB so far since my camera is limited to 2GB SD).


-- Can this frame access 32GB Compact Flash card?


-- Can this frame access 8GB, 16GB and 128GB USB flash drives?


With these larger cards/drives I would format them in FAT32 for larger folder/directory size (more files allowed per folder/directory and to allow a larger file system. I saw in a privious posting that this frame supports FAT32.


I am just concerned that like my camera the frame may have a limit on the size of the memory device it can address.


Thank you for the help,  Rod


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Re: Maximum memory size for NS-DPF8WA-09 photo frame?

Hello rbrbrb2004,

Welcome to Community@Insignia™!

The picture frame has a resolution of 800x480, so pictures in this native resolution are the ones that will be shown at its best.

File size depends on many factors (not only resolution) such as color depth, jpeg compression, dpi, etc.

Smaller pictures will take less time to load.

We recommend pictures up to 1MB size; larger pictures should work as well, but may take too long to load.


As for the supported massive storage devices you can use on this product we suggest 4GB sd cards and


flash drives, anything higher than that may not be fully or properly displayed on the unit .


As for the format this is a plug and play product so we wouldnt recommend you to change it manually .


I hope you find this information useful, otherwise write us back anytime ! .

Insignia™ Support