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Internal memory &Settings are reset when I turn off my ND-DPF8TR frame




In first, sorry for mistakes I'll made in this message because my natal language is french.  =)  I bought a NS-DPF8TR digital frame to my mom for Christmas. I put exactly 425 pictures in; I use 2 methods for that. In first, I put some pictures with the USB cable connected to my PC. After that, I also put others pictures with a SD (HC) Card in the frame slot (with the "Copy All" function).   I saw today a troubleshooting and I said "Houston, we have a problem!" 

When I copy pictures in Internal Memory with a SD Card, I can look at the slideshow after with no problem. BUT, when I put the frame to off with thepower button on the side and I re-open it a few minutes later, I have no files inside the Internal Memory and the language change to default language (I put it alway on French, but when I close and re-open the frame, it's in English).   In others words, if I close the frame, it's like doing a reset...  -_-

I hope you'll be able to help me. Smiley Happy     


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Re: Internal memory &Settings are reset when I turn off my ND-DPF8TR frame

Hello Meriie-Clauude,

Welcome to Community@Inisgnia™!

Double check that the battery on the back of the frame (button right part) is correctly placed. Once that is done, you will find a "Reset" option on the Setup menu on the device. If after checking those 2 things, the problem persists, my best advice will be to take it back to the store so they can assist you further on this, since this seems to be a hardware issue.

Thank you,
Insignia™ Support Team