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Insignia Picture Frame Screen Blinks rapidly


I have an NS-DPF10WA-09 Picture Frame. I have had it for about 1 year. It recently went into a state where the display blinks on and off about every 1 second. I cannot display any digital images or access any of the menus and cannot re-set it. Please help.

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Re: Insignia Picture Frame Screen Blinks rapidly

Hello davedude1,

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You can try some basic troubleshooting like unplugging the unit from power, and turning it on and off 2 or 3 times to clear any static charge that may have built up, then plug the unit back into power and see if you get any different response. Another option is to check the power adapter, and see if you can feel or hear any clicking in time with the unit turning off and on. If so, try a replacement power supply. In terms of warranty, if you have a copy of the receipt that shows the unit purchase date, we can look into options, but the receipt will be required for review.

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