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Insignia Model: NS-DCC5HB09, another person with problems editing videos

So I've been trying to figure this out for the past two nights in a row now. First when I uploaded the videos from my camcorder I had trouble viewing them, so I did some google searches and found out all the codecs to download. I've installed all of the recommended codecs (ffdshow), and used the tiny cd that came with the camera. So now I can watch the videos, but I have the same problem as everyone else in Windows Movie Maker - I get audio, but no video. I do more google searches, I try downloading and using virtualdub (at least 3 or 4 versions of it), and whatever other recommnedation was given, I get the same result. So I go to Best Buy and they tell me it's because the movies are HD and I need a better video editing program, so I purchase "Magix: Movie Edit Pro 15" thinking I'll just toss the $50 so that I can finally edit my videos. This program won't even run the sound.


I've tried recording movies both in HD and not in HD, I've tried countless programs, and still no solutions. I've read forums for hours now with people of similar issues only to see that the "professionals" are as baffled. Any help for a customer who feels like he's wasted near $200 on a faulty product would be *great.*



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Re: Insignia Model: NS-DCC5HB09, another person with problems editing videos

It really sounds like you've tried everything.  I haven't yet tried to do any editing as I'm still fooling around with my new camera, but I did see some advice on video editing software in a review of the NS-DCC5HB09 on Amazon.  The pertinent lines are as follows:


"I have pinnacle studio 11.1 and it really would not edit the Insignia video. I bought a little program called movavi video suite and it does a great job of editing. I also have ffdshow MPEG-4 codec pack installed on my machine."


So this person had success with the Movavi Video Suite.  I've looked this up and it costs about $60.  They do have a trial version so that might help to determine if it suits your needs.


Just to emphasize, I haven't tried this yet so can't say for sure if it works but I thought I'd pass on the information.

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Re: Insignia Model: NS-DCC5HB09, another person with problems editing videos

I use Nero 7 + their plugin for editing. I think it's call a dvd/bluray plugin. I believe you will need either Nero or Roxio to edit your movies. Each has a plugin that is required after you buy the software.
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Re: Insignia Model: NS-DCC5HB09, another person with problems editing videos

Found a much easier way to EDIT


,  Hi, here is a solution that really works,   I have been able to edit and create comlete video projects that look amazing.


   The best and more inexpenseive program to use is:  Pinnacle Studio Plus 12.   This program is very easy to use.  There are a few tricks you have to use for it to work though, i am using a laptop HP pavilion dv4, 4 gigs ram, 320 Hard drive, Intel core 2 duo t5800, 64bit system.    


Here are the steps you have to follow:  1. open video studio to EDIT mode, then drag and drop one clip a the time to TIMELINE until you have all your clips that you will use,   2. then go to MAKE MOVIE TAB  and select FILE and specify 1280 x 720 HD format,and if you want the settings I have bellow at the end of this post.  Then  wait unitill the green bar at the top of the timeline turns to ORANGE (before this happens you will see a light green bar moving from left to right  and when it finishes each clip it will turn this bar orange. (This might take several minutes)     WHEN all the  bars for all your clips are ORANGE Select Make movie, name your file and after a few minutes you will have a mpg2 hd 720 file, Go back to EDIT mode HIhghlight all your clips and delete them and and find this new file you just created and drop it in your TIMELINE  Now your will be able to edit your video much faster and more effeciently, when you are done, go to make movie and save in any format you want, DVD, FILE, etc


setting I use:


  go to Make Movie TAB and select: CUSTOM SETTINGS, got into settings and select HD 720 and change the bitrate to 25000 kbits/sec  and go into OPTIONS and chage to CBR constant bit rate,  this will give you a better picture and a little bigger file size. HIT OK. 3. create file, name it.     PLAYBACK   I just create the files in the format above, then I connect my laptop to the HDMI port on my TV and watch them on the big screen with incredible detail and colors, you can also watch these files with Media player


You can also select DVD,   insert a blank DVD disk, select custom settings of 8.5 cbr   720x 480  progressive

and you wil be astounded by the great quality of the playback.


a 25 minute movie will take up close to 5 gigs. (you can also choose many other output formats)


I have created several greate looking home videos using this techinque


VERY IMPORTANT  the camera comes set as landscape setting on side of lense, change to middle position this will make the tiny squares (compression artifacts) go away they tend to be anoying on closep ups and dark or shaded areas, increase the sharpness for the camera two steps.  Only if you are shotting far away objects should you return to original Landscape setting.  Zoom gets very grainy so minimize use.


also shoot when there is plenty of day light if outside, dark cloudy days will look grainy.


when shooting video indoors have provide plenty of lighting. 

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