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Impossible to use with Windows Movie Maker?

I know you get this question a lot and I've read EVERYTHING about this. I've installed the driver and my videos and sound will play on windows media player. However, when I try to use windows movie maker, only the sound will play. I've clicked everything imaginable to try and get this to work, but I just can't get the video to show up. 


Has someone figured out how to make this work without converting the video? I planning on shooting a short film with this camera and won't have the time to convert long clips.


Should I just go buy different editing software that supports AVI files? I really love how simple (and free) windows movie maker is.


Please help!


Thank you!

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Re: Impossible to use with Windows Movie Maker?

Hi MegL,


I never actually tried viewing the AVI files in Movie Maker 2.6 with AVI files recorded for the NS-DCC5HB09. I tried and was surprised that I got the same results as you. I was actually having the issues with an MPEG video. I had to convert the file using another software. I agree that Movie Maker 2.6 is a great free program (the latest Vista version of Movie Maker is horrible!).


Anyways,  I returned my NS-DCC5HB09 due to technical difficulties and replaced it with a NS-DV720P. I had absolutely no issues in viewing AVI files recorded from this camera into Movie Maker. Sorry I couldn't help solve the problem, yet there is an alternative!


Read my review of the NS-DV720P on  "NS-DCC5HB09: Connector pins inside the 3.5 mm jack are registering a connected jack"



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Re: Impossible to use with Windows Movie Maker?

Thank you BoB for your info. I can't return mine unfortunately because I've had it for quite some time now. So I guess I'm off to hunt for a new camera! Smiley Happy  
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Re: Impossible to use with Windows Movie Maker?

Hello MegL,

Welcome to Community@Insignia™!

You can find a link to our recommended video editing software here under the Support tab.  I hope this helps.

Insignia™ Support
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Re: Impossible to use with Windows Movie Maker?

I use Movie Maker all the time. It is much easier than Nero 9. I am running XP Home. In the Movie Maker, there is a storyboard and a timeline. Make sure you are on the storyboard. Import your vid's then drag them one at a time to the storyboard. Once you get the there, click on the firt one, highlight it, then go to the screen on the right and click play. It should work. I can add video's, mix them around in different seqence, add transitions between clips, add sound to a clip, and trim a clip. 
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Re: Impossible to use with Windows Movie Maker?

I appreciate your willingness to share your experience on this forum and I'm hopeful that you can help me get windows movie maker working with my insignia videos. When I drag the video file from the import list to the timeline, it goes in to the audio/music line rather than the video line. There is no way I can drag it to the video spot. It appears that the software doesn't recognize the .avi file as a video file. I don't know anything about codecs and such, so I would appreciate a step by step solution to this problem - if there is one.


Thank  you!

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Re: Impossible to use with Windows Movie Maker?

Somehow I got logged off and had to sign up again. On MMaker, bottom left side, look for "Show Timeline" or "Show Storyboard". Click on this. You want it on show timeline. Import your movies from CAPTURE VIDEO-drop down to IMPORT VIDEO. This will bring your video to this location in small clips. Drag each clip to the show timeline windows. One clip for each window. Here you can add transitions and a small list of other edits. Once you add your clips you can view them as one movie from the viewer. Hope this helps.