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Help w/ NS-DCC5HB09 unable to load

When i got my recorder @ Christmas i had no problem loading it on my computer, Vista, now it no longer recognizes it when i plug it in? any suggestions
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Re: Help w/ NS-DCC5HB09 unable to load

Hello sillylala35,


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When you say that the computer "no longer recognizes" your camcorder, do you mean that software is not automatically launched when you connect it or that it doesn't appear in Windows Explorer as a "removable disk?"  Any additional details you can provide will help us look into the issue.


If software isn't automatically launched, it may be because something has changed with your computer, such as a new software installation or even a Windows update.  The files on your camcorder can still be accessed by launching the software (such as Windows Media Player) and opening the files by that means.  If the camcorder is not being recognized at all, it could be because it's not powered on, you have a bad USB cable, or there is some other issue that would require having your camcorder serviced.


I hope this helps.


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Re: Help w/ NS-DCC5HB09 unable to load

Mine has done the same thing. I use Win XP. The best I can come up with is my cord has been damaged. It used to launch and connect thru the camera wizard. Now I have to go to My Computer and find the drive that the CP recognise's as  the camera.
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Re: Help w/ NS-DCC5HB09 unable to load

Try this. Take one still picture and then connect your camera to the computer. I have found that it will not recognize the camera without still pictures, make no difference about how many movies you have.  Strange?? Yep. But that is what mine does.