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Registered: ‎01-20-2018

Digital picture frame NS-DPF10WW-17

Is there a way to rotate a picture and save it? I can get them to rotate, but then they go back to their original orientation.

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Re: Digital picture frame NS-DPF10WW-17

Hello there JenD75-


I've looked over the owners manual for this product and there doesn't appear to be a permanent way for the frame to save the rotation for you.  


It looks like the picture would need to be rotated at it's original source for it to remain how you would like it.  For example, rotating the original image before saving it to your memory card or flash drive and then inserting it into the frame.


It's also possible that if you are rotating a picture to a landscape look without the frame being in landscape mode and vice versa, that this may be preventing the rotate from holding.


I hope this helps!