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Can't get pics onto keychain model NS-DKEYRD10

Just got it for Christmas and I can't get any pictures onto it. The majority of my pictures on my computer are in my desktop file "my photos". I also have a couple more files; ie: Kodak 2008, more photos, etc. They are not on my desktop. In any case, when the photo viewer screen opens, none of these files are in my "computer browser window". I've opened every single file that is there, and none of them contain any of my photos. I was surprised that there wasn't a "desktop" file to open. I was very excited about playing with my new toy tonight and I am very frustrated. I don't usually have problems figuring out electronics.
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Re: Can't get pics onto keychain model NS-DKEYRD10

Hello jennieduncan,

Welcome to Community@Inisgnia™!

Try copying the Image Viewer 4 program (located on the keychain) to your desktop and run it from there, and plug the keychain. Also, put the pictures that you want on the key chain in your C:\My Documents\My Pictures folder and try loading from there.


If after that the error persists, take the device to the place of purchase so you can be assisted.

Thank you,
Insignia™ Support Team