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Camcorder Memory Issue

I have had my Insignia NS-DV720P for a while now, and I have encountered a problem. I put a brand new SD card into the camcorder, but the screen displays "MEMORY FULL" with 00:00:00 left to record. Originally, I assumed it was an issue with the SD card, but I have tried 3 different cards and they all have the same problem. I have formatted all three, but still it says "MEMORY FULL" and in the view pictures and videos menu it says "NO DATA" even if the SD card has pictures or video on it originally. If somebody could help, I'd be really thankful. This is extremely important that I have this camcorder for an event I have coming up.

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Re: Camcorder Memory Issue

Hello camcorder,

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Based on both of those issues (memory full and no data) it does seem like the unit is no longer functioninig correctly. Since the issue happens with mulitiple memory cards, the issue is most likely in the camcorder. You can check your local area for a camera specialty shop that may be able to take a look at it. 

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