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Bravo gentleman

It's been quite sometime since I've been on this page, but I see things haven't changed much.  Insignia makes a great camera, killer lowlight ability, full HD the

NS-DV111080F would have been a fantastic camera if the engineers would've just done a few simple things.  I guess they thought no one would ever use the camcorder with a video mixer, welcome to the digital world gentleman.  That's why they make timebase corrected frame synchronizers on video mixers.  So they block all the camera functions out when you hook up an AV cable, or HDMI.  Even DXG for $58 no less, had camera functions out when plugging up the AV out or HDMI.  The sound on the insignia is to say the least horrible firmware version 1.09, a friend mine passed away and they gave a benefit to his wife and family and I recorded the bands playing only to remember when I got home and played it back how sucky the audio was.  I don't believe I've ever seen a camcorder that doesn't have camera functions out with AV or HDMI cable  plugged in.  And I agree with the gentleman talking about AC power as well, the cover says DC in, and then the insignia rep saying that the cable was especially made for demo purposes inside the store, what a lame excuse, screw the purchaser of the product.  Let's make it easy for the store to sell it, but hell for us to get power to a without going out and buying a bunch of extra batteries.  When I'm videoing a band live I don't have time to Jack with batteries, I need power that's not going to  drain.  The problem is we've come to expect these things from other companies and when somebody makes an inferior product to theirs, well we just call that low bid gentleman!  Make it light on yourselves next time and put all the features that everyone else puts on their camcorders.  If nothing else it would've saved you a grave amount of bitch and moan.


Warm regards,

Brad Patterson