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8" digital photo frame - row of white pixles

I got this 8 inch digital photo frame for christmas, so have been using it for about 9 months now. Recently I noticed that about half an inch up from the bottom of the screen theres a white line that runs through all the pictures, including the settings screen. I tried unplugging it, tried leaving it on while unplugged, tried taking the memory card out, but I cant get the white line to go away.

Any help fixing this would be appreciated.
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Re: 8" digital photo frame - row of white pixles

Hello there Biddily,


Welcome to Community@ Insignia™!


I am sorry to hear about the misbehaving that your digital photo frame is currently experiencing. I would like to remind you

about the one-year limited warranty from the manufacturer provided with this product that you can surely take advantage of by

approaching the Geek Squad counter in any Best Buy store. The Geek squad representatives will let you know if the photo frame

applies for warranty fulfillment and off course, they will help you reach a proper resolution for this matter.





Insignia Support.