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720p 5mp camcorder. No sound to be found

Alrigh,t so I know that this camera has been out for awhile now. I received this camcorder as a gift several years ago. I tried playing around with it but I had no sound on the playback. I shelfed it and it sat for quite a few years. It's now several years later and I'm sure the warranties run out. I dug it out and still no sound. There is no sound in the playback on the camcorder even thought the volume is turned all the way up. I downloaded the videos unto my laptop, still no sound. Should I just junk it or is there something to fix  it? 

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Re: 720p 5mp camcorder. No sound to be found

Hello tealhairedpixie,


Home videos are wonderful things, but we certainly aren't getting the most out of them if they are silent films!  I'm very sorry to hear you've been unable to get sound out of your Insignia camcorder.  


Our camcorders have 1 year manufacturer's warranties on them, so if you've had yours in storage for a few years now I would also guess it is out of warranty.  However, if you would like to reply with your model number found on the camera we can see if there are any troubleshooting tips we could provide before determining if it may be time for a new product.


Thanks for visiting our Insignia forum!



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