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10 megapixel camera

Brand new camera, every time i turn it on it beeps 3 times and shuts off. i changed the batteries twice and it did not help. is there some set up i have to do with this new camera?

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Re: 10 megapixel camera

What is Your camera model ?

Is it NSC 1110 A ?


If yes, then i too faced same problem just a day before. Then i found, if we kept flash on came will turn off automatically due to no enough power for on the flash.



Get new NiMh rechargeable AA battery and place in it. After switched on turn off flash.


One more thing, flash is not working in this model seems, even though i placed high nimh battery(to solve this problem), if i turn on flash led starts blinking , after few seconds camera turns off automatically. I guess there is a problem in this model. I am going to raise a ticket in this forum to find a solution for that.


Can you also check and reply