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10.4" Digital Picture Frame

I have a NS-DPF10A picture frame.  When I view pictures in the slide show mode, either those loaded into the internal memory or from a memory stick, the sequence of pictures never starts at the first picture in the set.  The sequence starts somewhere in the middle of the set of pictures.  My pictures start with the label "DSC -0001",  but often the first picture displayed is often near "DSC-0150".  I have tried renaming the pictures to "0001, 0002 etc". and "000A, 000B etc" but the first picture displayed is always somewhere in the middle of the set of 178 pictures.  If I cycle the power and run through the menu cycle again it still starts at the same picture near the middle of the sequence.


Is there a way to force the digital picture frame to display the first picture in the set when I start viewing in the slide show mode?

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Re: 10.4" Digital Picture Frame

Hello jjsjjs,

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I responded to another forum participant about this issue here.  While it's not the same model of picture frame, it's probable that the same solution will work for you.  If it doesn't, please let us know and we'll research further.

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Re: 10.4" Digital Picture Frame

Thanks John,


If I load the pictures one at a time into the internal memory in the frame, they will play back in the order loaded.  As an experiment, I loaded five pictures one at a time and then loaded the rest of the pictures in a block.  All had the same prefix, the only difference being the number of the picture.  The first five played in order, but the next 80 pictures started with number 44 and continued to 45, 46, etc.  For small albums, under 100 pictures, the one at a time system will work.  However, I have some albums that have 300 pictures and one at a time loading is out of the question.


We need some sharp programmer to write a little routine that loads pictures one at a tme.


Happy Thanksgiving,



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Re: 10.4" Digital Picture Frame

This digital picture frame does not support an "Image Sort" function.  The order you see the images is based on the way the Flash Media allocates space to maximize spreading the data across the available space.  The only way to see the images in the desired sequence is to load them to the card or internal memory in that sequence one at a time.  Not a convinient solution but it works.